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From the tropical rainforest of the island of Samoa, we bring you this pristine natural water of the
South Pacific, rich with Polynesian artistic flavours.
 SAMOA PURE WATER – A 100% owned Samoan product.

People Call It Samoa...

We call it Life...
Located 1,535 km south of the equator, condensed equatorial winds gather and formulate our unpolluted skies. Tropical temperatures cause our clouds to condense and form rain drops that starts our waters journey.


Our People And Products

At the heart of what we do is our people. Our motto for our shared values is “Quality In Every Drop”...
Samoa Pure Water is embarking on a new journey of venturing beyond our shores to reach international markets just as our forefathers boldly did when they sailed and conquered the Pacific.


Our Products

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Make an order and have it shipped overseas or
Make an order to be picked up by your family at our Vaitele office.

Samoa Pure Water delivery

Delivery Service

We deliver to Companies, Government agencies, Shops, and Supermarkets all around Upolu and Savaii. For private use, visit our Filling Stations in Vaitele Tai and Mulivai.

  • Free Delivery to businesses
  • 6 days a week
  • Mo – Fr: 7 am – 6 pm,  Sat: 7 am – 4 pm
Our company was founded in 2009
Samoa Pure Water is serving Government agencies, Companies, Sports teams and Families. The product is already certified in 5 countries.
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Full Controll
Water Composition
Healthy Composition
Water Company - Filtration Process
4 Filtration Stages
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Quality certificates

Fully Automated Production

We are the only water company with a fully automated manufacturing system with the
capability to produce 6,000 purified bottled water per hour.

Quality Improvement Is Our Obsession

Through the many years in operation, we have been perfecting anything from water production to the packaging.
Our automated production process will not only solve the issue of human error, but it also has the capability to track and trace while at the same time detect any microscopic foreign materials that are not supposed to be present during production.

How We Combat The Plastic Pollution

Samoa Pure Water is proud to lead the fight against plastic pollution. For many years we have been looking for a sustainable solution to combat the plastic issue. Today we are proud to introduce our Samoa Plastic Repurposing Project, converting plastic into cost effective cement building materials for sustainable living quarters and at the same time create more job opportunities
Plastic Pollution
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What our clients say

Jadose Chan Boon Rasmussen
Jadose Chan Boon Rasmussen

Excellent quality and service...

Sagan Rama
Sagan Rama

The Magic is in the water...

Nikki Mariner-Peseta
Nikki Mariner-Peseta

You guys are brilliant! Love watching your business grow through your teamwork and great marketing.